MSOffice Outlook - not able to remove accounts

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May 6, 2003
  1. This is a problem that I am having at work. I had several IMAP email accounts setup in Microsoft Outlook (not outlook express) and 4 of these were IMAP accounts, 2 were POP3 accounts.

    We have a Internet setup installation disk (that I have been working on, modifying, etc) and one day I tested the installation disk on my PC. The installation disk is set to remove any Outlook/Express email accounts to eliminate errors from old email accounts for customers.

    Well when I ran the installation the IMAP accounts were removed from the "Accounts" menu, but the IMAP accounts were still listed in Outlook on the left pane list. I tried right-clicking and hitting "close" but I get the message "The operation failed. The object could not be found."

    I can re-add the IMAP accounts but that ends up being a pain in the butt because even though one IMAP account may be named "Billing" and that account is only listed once in accounts. The old "Billing" email account shows up on the left pane list AND plus the new one called "Billing" so I end up with two of everything showing up.

    It has been like this for about a week now. I kind of got sick of messing with it.
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    Uh Oh...seems like your program didn't do quite what it was supposed to do. I am very unfamiliar with this, but just thought I'd let you know how much that sucks ;)

    Have you tried uninstalling Office and reinstalling it? Of course back up your emails first.
  3. acidosmosis

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    poertner: I cant (grrr). The owner here, and the other tech guy both are thick headed losers. The owner knows crap about computers and trys to run his ISP business with no knowledge whatsoever. Then the other tech guy has A+ certification but knows .. crap.. about computers too. He is a decently smart guy but knows a whole lot less than he thinks he does. Neither one of them will listen to someone that knows what they are talking about.

    The owner's brother wrote a program to monitor PRI usage and that program kept throwing debugging errors out at me one day and the owner was bugging me to death saying "fix it Chris!" .. "why isnt it working" and I told him I did not know because I didn't write the program his brother did so call your brother, there is a bug in the program. His responce is "dont give me that excuse, I'm not stupid".

    Well.. apparently he is.

    I'm truly sick of the thick headedness that has sarrounded me for the past 9 months working at this job. The receptionists never listen to someone that knows what they are talking about when I've been working here for over 6 months longer than them and considering they know nothing about computers they still argue with me about it and billing issues.

    I'm submitting a resume to a former Network Admin that we used to contract to come in sometimes and do things. He said he would help me and hand my resume out to people when he found out about job openings, etc.

    This .. crap.. aint worth $9/hour.
  4. Ximinez

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    I've got the same problem. I have no idea what to do though. You figured it out yet?
  5. Ximinez

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    Solution :)

    If you export all your accounts, delete all your accounts, reconfigure mail support to corporate, restart outlook, reconfigure mail-support to internet only, restart outlook, import all your accounts.

    Finally I'm rid of my non-existing IMAP-account!
    This *should* help :D
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