Multi-User WindowsXP settings.

By SturmteK
Sep 23, 2004
  1. Hello friends.
    I was wondering on a few things.
    When having 2 users using the same conputer, and having 2 accounts, I know certain things like IE and IE settings are saved per user so that I can have my IE settings and someone ealse who has a different log in can have theirs as well. I was wondering what ealse works like that? I know that most of the "Display" settings are not saved per user, rather by the whole system. Can anyone please tell me what setting within windows (only the major ones) are saved by per user rather than system.
    Also, if your running a AV program and a anti-spyware, do you have to scan within the double users, or when you use the AV program, does it scan the PC as a whole no matter whos account your using them from on windows?

  2. LNCPapa

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    Easiest way to see many of the things that are saved on a per user basis is to look in C:\Documents and Settings and look inside a user profile other than All Users and Default User. Things in All Users will affect everyone - even if changes are made to All Users after the actual user account has been created. Default user is the template used for the creation of new accounts on the machine.

    An antivirus check will usually run on the system using the System or Service account. This account has permissions similar to an administrator account and will be able to scan the entire drive no matter who is on.
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