Multimeda laptop and accesories.

By harry7567
Oct 3, 2008
  1. Hi;
    I run quite a few discos for friends and family by connecting an old dell laptop i own to a PA and playing downloaded napster files. This laptop has started to fail on me and i need a new one. But which one? I want atlest 100gb hardrive, and i want it to play music as well as possible. budget depends on what i can get for what amount of money.
    Also, i have been loking at usb and expresscard sound cards such as creatives Sound Blaster audio notebook. but are any of these any good and which one should i buy?
    Thanks in advance'
  2. sps

    sps TS Rookie

    there are lot of laptops in the market with different configuration. All depends on your budget. In toshiba there is Qsomo laptop with harman kardon speaker and tv tuner card but its cost must be around 2000 us dollars. You can find a high end laptop in sony too.

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