Multiple BSOD Messages. Look here to see if this might help you.

By kellogs72
Dec 30, 2005
  1. Starting several weeks ago, I would get random error messages like "error in cli.exe" or it would bs on me with "page faul in non page area" or "irq not less or equal to" just to name a few.

    I did everthing from uninstall drivers while in safe mode, reboot, and let new drivers auto install from XP. Searched far and near for the latest drivers for all my hardware, still, the bsod returned on a regualr basis. Changed out my vid card, removed un-needed hardware like sounds, usb card, firewire card..etc to no avail. Tried deleting pagefile.sys and letting XP build a new one. Nothing worked!

    Finally today (i just joined to share with everyone) I came across the Windows Memory Diagnostic utility
    Print the users guide before you begin. I downloaded it, executed it and let it install to a floppy disk. Rebooted and let it load off the floppy.

    The program went into action running all kinds of tests on my memory. Upon test 5 of 6, it displayed an error called Stride6 and continued to run finding other errors. Once it finished its first pass I turned off my pc, unplugged power, moved my 512MB memory stick to the next slot. Started up and let the program load again. This time on test 3 of 6 I got errors I did not get before. At one point, my pc rebooted itself and started the diagnostic program again. Within few seconds, more errors followed by a reboot.

    So I turned off pc, unplugged, moved memory to last slot and went at it again. I let it run and run doing the series of 6 different test like 4 times over. No errors at all. So I shut down and started the process over again moving my memory back to slot 1, got errors, moved to slot 2, same errors followed by rebooting, then to slot 3 and it ran and ran and ran.

    So all this being said, it was not a hardware issue with my memory, its was that the first two memory slots on moboard were bad. Ive been working all day doing multiple things at same time. No reboots, no errors.

    So please, try the windows memory diagnostic program. You might find your problem like I did.

    Good luck to you all!
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