Multiple items hijacked

By roberthartphd
Apr 22, 2009
  1. Greetings, I had several things taken over earlier - my desktop was changed to a bright multicolor pattern and the ability to change it in Control Panel > Display was disabled. Also, the Task Manager button was disabled when I Ctrl-Alt-Del. Finally there were mulitple error popups filling the screen and the audio was playing something but there was no visible program affiliated with the sound.

    After walking through the 8 steps everything seems to be operating normally, but I've attached the 3 logs for your review, thanks!
  2. B00kWyrm

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    vundo found - requires special process

    RE: MBAM – I seriously doubt you are clean yet, since MBAM found VUNDO (and vundo requires special cleaning procedures.)

    RE: HJT – Running Processes… many! processes running, likely draining your performance.
    1. Do you need/use all your Lenovo / Thinkpad utilities?
    2. How attached are you to Symantec?(a known resource hog)

    For Firewall and for AV, others are being recommended, but there are times when, (for corporate reasons or for financial reasons – to cite two possible examples), you may not wish or be able to switch.
    Avira and Avast each are recommended AV in the 8 steps, as is Comodo for Firewall.

    Here is what I would suggest, unless you have reason not to…
    Now that you are partly cleaned up... Go back to the start of the 8 steps,
    1. Get Avira or Avast, and one of the recommended firewalls…
    2. Go offline and uninstall Symantec, install the AV, install the firewall, go online and update the AV, run the AV. Save log for posting.
    3. Continue through the steps. At some point it is likely that you will need to shut-down and restart in safe mode in order to run some of your clean-up utilities… Make sure they are where you can find them.
    4. Repost all logs when complete.
    5. Vundo will require additional work.

    We want you to have a clean system too. Someone will help you with the process, and with other issues found in HJT.
  3. roberthartphd

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    Thanks for the feedback. I am restricted from doing anything on firewall or AV as this is a work machine (but I am offsite in a home office so it's not practical to handle issues like this via IT)

    Can you elaborate on running clean up utilities in safe mode, not sure I'm familiar with how to do that?

  4. B00kWyrm

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    Well nuts...
    Here's the rule I must follow...
    Since those resources have not even been tried... I am kinda stuck.
    If you want to try to get rid of Vundo on your own ... you can search for and find tools and advice (here and elsewhere)
    but since it is not customized for you, the help you find may or may not work.
    Which brings me back to the eight steps... What can I say?
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