Multiple network connections and IE

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Mar 22, 2007
  1. Hello, i have a wireless network connection for my laptop. When i plug an ethernet cable into my nic to transfer files to another laptop, IE stops working, i guess its trying to connect now via the wired network. Where is there a setting to stop this?

    I hardly ever do this and i dont really need to know its just bugging me now


    Many thanks.
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Well, you could set your Ethernet port to a static address for your router, just leave the DNS feilds blank. That will connect you to the network but not give internet to that lappy....but if you take it somewhere else and plug it in as your only connection, you will have to set it back. Try to disconnect from your wireless connection, and just use the Ethernet cable. See if it gives you both IE and your file transfer. Might be a mac address confusion on your router lol.
  3. danielb

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    Opps sorry, i forgot to say i was using a direct connection.:haha: with just static ips on both, no dns or gateway data.
  4. gavinseabrook

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    Well you could set them to obtain, or enter in your DNS
  5. danielb

    danielb TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    but i dont want internet connection via the wired lan, besides theres only a laptop on the other end.

    I want to stop IE using wired lan just because its plugged in. Im trying to tell IE to use the wireless connection always even if multiple network iterfaces/connections are online. I suppose setting up ICT would be the only way.
  6. jobeard

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    Depends upon the WiFi software provided by the vendor.

    My Toshiba came with ConfigFree, which has a service to locate APs,
    diagnose connectivity (ping gateway + dns), and a profile manager.
    The nice feature that relates here, is a box[] when selected, allows
    to switch to wireless when there is no ethernet connection.

    Sadly, you need the inverse or better still, a means to priorities the
    existing connection in preference to any new connection. Most users
    would prefer the ethernet over wifi for the boost in natural performance.
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