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Apr 2, 2002
  1. Multiplier

    hey i got a p3 1.13 ghz. can anyone verify if that multiplier is 8.5x? btw what is a multplier anyway?
    the verification is more important. :)
  2. lokem

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    As for your verification, I've been trying to find docs from Intel, but I guess this review will do:

  3. boeingfixer

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    If you have a 1.13, take 8.5 (multiplier) times 133 (front side bus) 8.5x133=1130.5. Yes you have an 8.5 multiplier. Why ??
  4. jungle5150

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    he he i never knew that. hey what if my mobo only runs @ 100mhz? will the processor clock down? the place i got it from said it was on a 100 bus
  5. lokem

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    Yes it will. Your mobo will detect yer CPU and set the FSB and multiplier clock accordingly. If in doubt, d/l the program WCPUID and check your CPU stats from this link:
  6. SuperCheetah

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    If you were only running at 100MH Front Side Bus then your processor speed would be only 850 (100x8.5). So if when your PC boots up and you see your P3 running at 1.13 then yes your FSB is running where it should be at 133, which is a very good thing for you!!!
  7. Didou

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  8. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Here is something also to watch for, I have a Giga-byte motherboard that was made before the AMD XP's. I have the most current bios and have run a 1.4, a 1.4/1600+ XP and today I installed the a 1.6/1900+ XP. When I powered the machine on, it didn't work. I changed my dip switches from auto detect to 112x (133x12) to give me the 1.6. Hit the power switch and it booted right up.

    Remember when you have an XP or other CPU's that sometimes it may not autodetect, and you may have to hard set the mutiplier.
  9. jungle5150

    jungle5150 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my real question

    well i wanted to know the multiplier to see if my mobo was capable of running it. u see i got this m003 mobo (by creative w/ soundblaster on board). it was a kit from tigerdirect and i was young and inexperienced at the time that i bought it. so i bought it thinking that i was getting a processor, a mobo, a case, and a soundblaster live card all for about 100 dollars. but it was builtin. so i improvised and made a comp for me. but it only has a celeron 336. so i bought a 1.13 ghz p3, again w/ no experience, never thinking that it might not work in my mobo. it didnt. so now i have a bios upgrade for 69 dollars, but i dont wanna waste my money again. so im checking to see if my mobo will run w/ the p3 1.13. any suggestions now? btw my mobo will go up to 9,5x so that part is alright. but i cant find the voltage on it. thx in advance

    some specs:
    100 bus
    slot 1 (i have an adapter)
    9.5x mult

    what should i check to see if it is compat?
  10. lokem

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    Try to find a BIOS update for your mobo. If you're lucky, they'll post an update and add the extra feature for that voltage.
  11. jungle5150

    jungle5150 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    wow i just checked my invoice and i got a 1100 at 100fsb. well thats cool, i guess. still my question remains, what should i check to see if its compat?
  12. Didou

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    If it's running at 1100 mhz & it has a 100 mhz FSB, it's no doubt a Celeron. It's either a CuMine based one or a Tualatin based one. The biggest between both is the Tualatin one is in 0.13 micron & has hardware data prefetch.

    Since the Celeron is based on the P3 processor, many applications detect it as a P3. Tyr the wcpuid program. It's very precise. It gives you the multiplier, FSB, L1 & L2 cache capacity, stepping of your processor.
  13. DogStar

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    confused now

    Do you mean the one in this topic or all p III's.
    I ain't being a smartar$e but am genuinely curious.
  14. jungle5150

    jungle5150 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dogstar - i think all the socket 370s were 133, if not then thats my mistake im not sure. but i know that they made a slot @ 100 fsb cause i have one in my other comp.
  15. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Some P3's have "B" after their speed, like P3-800EB. This "B" means that the processor denotes support for 133 MHz bus when there are 100 MHz bus versions available, too.
    That "E" there means support for "Advanced Transfer Cache and Advanced System Buffering" - what it means in plain English, I do not know.
  16. Didou

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    That was just a fancy name for the on die L2 cache & the 256 bit bus.
  17. jungle5150

    jungle5150 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cpu compatibility

    aight ive half asked this question before, but ill ask it for real this time. i got a p3 1100mhz @ 100 fsb. its a socket 370. now i got this slot 1 mobo so i got a slot adapter. now the manual says that the mobo will go up to 9.5 multiplier. so ill get close to the speed on normal settings and maybe ill look into overclocking. but that aside, i just need to know what would make the p3 incompatable with my mobo so i can check those factors. the bios update place said that the bios would support any processor out. could i get some help. btw the processor is obviously not in my machine. and i have tried it w/out the new bios and it wont work.

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  18. svtcobra

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  19. BarracudaMonsta

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    I o/c the FSB to 150 MHz from the original 133 MHz. is it ok?
  20. Rick

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    You are mistaken I believe... Most socket 370's (FC-PGA) had a 66Mhz FSB. Of course, many retail motherboards offer a vast array of FSB speeds.... FC-PGA was the first to support 133Mhz though, and I do not believe that Slot-1 ever actually "officially" supported 133Mhz.

    Slot 1 ranged 66/100/133Mhz FSB.. The whole rainbow.. Respectively. I have one that goes all the way up to 200Mhz.. Funny enough. 100Mhz was the defacto standard for these boards though and the other speeds were not "official".
  21. Rick

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    If it is working fine, then yes, it is okay.

    150Mhz (Generally speaking) is a decent strain on your system, but it really depends on your components to determine how exactly much of a strain it is. When you raise the FSB, you are also overclocking your memory and other devices in your computer.

    If you haven't had any unwarranted crashing or system instability, you should be fine.

    At 150Mhz, memory tends to give out. That is why overclocking a 100Mhz system used to always be easier.
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