Muvo v100

By pennylane787
Apr 6, 2008
  1. i recently bought a muvo v100 from creative. i have my songs on my computer one windows media player. i sync them with my muvo and it shows all the songs transfering over, which as a test i only put 100. but when i safely disconnect the muvo and c heck my songs, it shows only 61. so i shuffle the muvo, which takes all the songs off so i can start again. so i try putting on 150 songs, just out of curiousity and when i diconnect safely and check my songs it now shows 53 songs on my muvo. what am i doing wrong. windows media player says all the songs are transfering over. oh and the 53 songs that are on there now, are not all the same songs i had when i tried syncing 100 songs. can anyone help of give me suggestions pls? thanks a bunch

  2. Tmagic650

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    Are all the 100 songs the same file type? MP3 and such
  3. pennylane787

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    same file type

    o got them all off the same program for dling mp3s. the thing is i chose 100 songs to sync, and that gave me 61 transferred to my muvo. I then erased those songs started fresh, chose 150 songs, the first 100 were the same as b4 and then it gave me 53 songs. I'm wondering first why not all my songs are transfering and second, if i selected the same songs as b4 only adding 50 more, why did less files get transferred the second time when the first 100 songs were the exact same files at the first time i tried transferring them. at the very least shouldt the number of files transferred stay the same, if i am transferring the same exact files, only plus 50. I dunno if my explaination is comming out right. but if u can get what i'm trying to say and can help, it woudl be greatly appriciated.
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