MWC will be an in-person event, despite Covid-19 concerns

Uncle Al

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Wrong answer my friend. Time to sharpen your brain and do some research. Let me help you!

California has been the most restrictive state during Covid, Florida the least. Here’s what happened with Covid-19:

California’s total number of COVID-19 cases as a percentage of the population is about 8.8%, while Florida’s is about 8.3%. Out of all of the people in California who have gotten COVID-19, about 1.35% have died, while in Florida, it’s about 1.57%, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Over the past seven days, Florida has recorded 322 cases and 7.4 deaths per million people, while California has recorded 231 cases and 10.5 deaths per million people. In terms of hospitalizations, Florida has 218 per million people, while California has 244.

Apparently you have no idea of what a spreader event is or how far reaching it can be. Quoting figures from the last week has nothing to do with seeing the results of an indoor, spreader event. Look how many came down with the virus from Trump's outdoor events ..... coming up on a half million deaths and considerably more infections I stand by my statement but since you know it all, you be sure to tell me how the event is ...... that is assuming you are going to put up and actually go, or are you one of those armchair children that have an opinion on everything that is meaningless?


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you be sure to tell me how the event is ...... that is assuming you are going to put up and actually go
I'm sure there will be someone there intentionally spreading. Or at least trying to. Just to keep your paranoia through the roof.

As for me, I think we have all been lied to about the virus and vaccine. It wouldn't bother me at all to go. And if I went, I wouldn't be wearing a mask either. Group me in with those armchair children if you want to. You are not going to force me to wear a mask in a free country, because you are the one paranoid. If you're the one paranoid, you wear the mask and leave me alone.


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Spreader event. Like shopping at Target. Signing up for Vaccines at Walmart. Going to the hospital. Working to make all the stuff we buy online. Delivering wine and pizza to 50 homes a night. Filling boxes at Amazon. Oh, and opening bars. lol.