My Anti virus Cd is scratched and it doesn't work in my D drive.

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Sep 21, 2005
  1. If I just click My Computer > D drive > and click explore ,can I install the program if I click the "Set up file" or the .exe file ?

    Will it be installed correctly ?
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    What anti virus product are you trying to install?

    You can try to install by clicking on the setup.exe file. However even if it starts the installation, this is no guarantee that it will install properly.

    You can however do the following.

    Download the free AVG antivirus programme from HERE, and also the free Zonealarm firewall from HERE . Both these products are very good and will protect you computer.

    Disconnect from the internet and uninstall, any other antivirus/firewall product you currently have on your system.

    Install the Zonealarm programme, followed by the AVG free programme, and then reconnect your internet.

    Now if you still want to. Contact the makers of your damaged antivirus cd, and see if they`ll send you a new one. You will have to be able to prove that you bought it legally.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. starvista9

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    It is Norton Antivirus 2005 Installation Cd. Yes I purchased it and registered.

    A family member "Accidently un-installed it" and I have to re-install it but the disk drive cannot read it b/c there is a few tiny scratches on the disk.

    I was thinking I could just click on the setup file and it would install that way. I haven't looked to see what else is on the disk.

    IF there is other files besides the setup file what are those files used for ?
    I was under the impression that everything you need was in the set up file.

    I hope that there is just like a autorun/cdstart.exe and the set up file on the disk.
  4. howard_hopkinso

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    I think you`d be better off with the AVG, Zonealarm. A lot less of a resource hog on your system.

    Take a look at this thread HERE, and see if you still want Norton on your system.

    There`s quite a lot of Norton bashing on these boards, and with good reason, from what I can see.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
  5. starvista9

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    Well in that thread it seems that the people are talking about Norton Internet Secruity 2005 suite (NIS05). A all-in-one application.

    I have NAV 2005 and Norton Firewall 2004 and Ghost 9 w/ Ghost 2003 and Norton System Works 2003 (I think its 2003, not sure). I don't like NSW but my girlfriend likes it on her PC, God only knows why,lol.

    I have 4 computers in my family and Norton AV and FW are on all of them. Now having experience with Norton products I find it best to install them after a fresh install (reformat). Thats what I did and I have'nt had any major problems. All of computers run XP:HE and everybody on each PC has a limited account except me.

    Since I made everybody have limited accounts the amount of viruses went down dramatically. Limited accounts cannot install applications and do not have access to critical OS files. Only admins have access to everything and can install apps.

    As for the people that have problems with Norton , when they post their problems you never get the full story to exactly what went wrong. Viruses don't just magically appear on a PC. Some people surf the web looking at porn, Use p2p apps, bittorrent apps, Keygens, cracks, emulators , install games laced with spyware and or trojan horses etc. Or let their kids play on the computer un-supervised. I bet some of these people haven't even opened the manual that comes with every Norton product nor do they understand how to configure and operate their software,lol.

    I gave up on High jack this logs, I only read them when people post what to delete,lol.

    Back on Topic: Ill try just using the set up file on the cd, if that don't work I will try and burn a ISO image of the cd and mount it with Daemon Tools, but I hope I don't have to do that.
  6. cavornex

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    Assuming the reason you're not able to install the AV CD is physical in nature (you said so it's scratched), try to scrub-clean the surface of CD with a foam and tooth paste. Yes...the one you brush your teeth with.
  7. sellmesanity

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