My Audio & Video files got Deleted

By zeesh1986
Feb 9, 2009
  1. There is some sort of virus in my pc that has deleted all of my audio and video files in all my drives except for the one in which windows is installed (which is the 'C' Drive) All the other partitions in my hard disk with audio and video files got deleted. Even the files in my other 160gb hard disk which had a single partition. When i download any such file onto a partition other than 'C' then after restart they get deleted again. Nothing else seems to have been deleted. I can't access the task manager or the search function. I ran a scan using avg and also ran an online scan through symantec, but didn't find anything except for cookies. My CPU is also running at about 50% even when it is idle. What should i do?
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    Perhaps you could give us the brand, model, and configuration of your computer.

    There are many programs on and others that will enable you to recover your data.
    But first you would likely benefit from using the "8 Steps" for removing infestations found elsewhere on this forum.
    If you are at risk of losing really valuable data, you might want to set that drive aside, and install Windows on a new drive, than rescue your data after you install security on the new drive.
  3. zeesh1986

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    i carried out the 8 steps

    After carrying out the anti-malware program, it said that it needed to reboot to delete some of the infections. i saved the notepad and then rebooted. Then when windows loaded again i kept getting messages from windows regarding data execution prevention. It came about 5 times or so. I kept clicking close message and don't send to the info.

    I have got control after running it of the task manager and search. My CPU is no longer running at 50% even when idle.

    My pc specs are as follows

    MS Windows XP Professional
    Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 @ 2.14GHz
    1 GB Ram
    Intel 946GZ Express Chipset Family
    2 Hard Disks...160gb each... 1 with 4 partitions...while the other is just 1 single partition

    I have uploaded the necessary logs as well
  4. zeesh1986

    zeesh1986 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well after having carried out the 8 steps...along with the above mentioned fixes...i have also noticed that my files are no longer being deleted in my other partitions. I tested this by copy pasting a mp3 file to the infected partition and then after several restarts, it is still there...does this mean the virus has been removed completely??? i feel my pc has become a bit slow...could it mean that some sort of virus is still there???
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