My browswers won't fully load some pages

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Oct 15, 2007
  1. My browsers won't fully load some pages

    Both IE and Firefox won't fully load some pages. I can get some of them to work if I continuously refresh the page but this does not work on all of the pages. I first noticed this on the new hotmail live but this is the same for more complex pages such as journal search engines like JSTOR or Lexis Nexus. I think there might be a correlation to this problem with updating CA's Security Suite but I don't know this for sure. apparently I cannot even attach a HJT.txt to this thread because the attachment button doesn't work for this page either!!! Any ideas?
  2. jobeard

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    most frequently this is a problem with the browser cache;

    launch the browser of choice then use the tools menu to EMPTY the cache;

    quit the browser. Now restart it, reaccess the page in question, and LEAVE it allow to load all of the resources.
  3. Bobbye

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    I didn't find any information about your system- operating system, Installed RAM, make & model. Do you do any regular maintenance on the system like disc cleanup, Error check, defrag.

    The OS is very important as we are seeing a particular set of problems in Vista.
  4. bobpotato

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    deleting cache does not work

    Thank you for your prompt reply but unfortunately your suggestion didn't do anything. It seems that the pages that I have problems with are the same for both IE and Firefox. I also read several similar threads and found that the problems that this thread was having is similar to my own however I didn't' feel comfortable using her HJT file to attempt to fix my own problem. For some reason I cannot attach any files so I am not sure how to show you my HJT.txt file.
  5. bobpotato

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    My OS is XP home service pack 2 Intel 2.2GHz P4 with 768 MB of ram I am running IE7 and Firefox 2.0.07

    I run CCleaner all the time and I recently ran Winsockfix, CWS by trend micro I haven't defraged in a while however I just reformatted my computer about 3 months ago. My computer is a (don't laugh) Dell Dimension 2400 that I have had for quite some time now. I also have the CA suite that Tiger direct likes to bundle with other things you buy as my protection and I did notice that when I updated it to the newest version I got an error with IE that said stack overflow at line 106 I downloaded a fix for this at CA's website however I don't think it corrected the problem.
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