my computer doesn't see firefly removable hard drive

By woodgreen
Sep 22, 2005
  1. My first post.
    I have Windows 98 SE. I have a plug & play Firefly 20.0gb removable hard drive to store information. When I plug it in I used to see it under my computer.. Now I don't see it. I also don't see the fork like icon for the firefly in my system tray. Now I don't see it. So I can't add or remove information. How can I correct the problem?
  2. woodgreen

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    My Computer doesn't see firefly removable hard drive

    No one has to answer this anymore. My Firefly(portable Hard drive) couldn't be seen by my old computer/Win. 98. It's too late. I needed to use the firefly to backup more files before my computer died. Little did I know how soon. The computer H.D. died & the power supply also 9-30-5. Too expensive to repair since I wanted Win.XP & a DVD/cd/=/-rw burner too. So we just bought a new computer.. Now I see my firefly.. I found out the fork like icon was the USB port icon. Thanks for the great website.
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