my computer is dead.

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Jan 21, 2007
  1. i dont know where to post this but anyway, im just gonna tell my whole story.

    a few days ago my computer stopped working on me. like it just wouldnt turn on. the problem started when i was doing a spyware scan on my computer and it froze or something i believe and i just shut it off. when i turned i tried to turn in back on it wouldnt work. i assumed it was the power supply so i went and bought a new power supply but that did not work. so i tried changing the case thinking it may be the power switch and that didnt work. so i came to assumed conclusion that it was my mother board was dead so i switched it with my old motherboard and it turned on just fine. but the problem was that it woudl restart on me when it got to the windows load screen. and not knowing what to do i did a few things including unplugging everything and plugging them back in to make sure nothing was loose. i actually did that a few times, the last time i did it the computer wouldnt n ot turn on just like my problem in the beginning. i think i may have messed up this motherboard as well.

    i dont really know how you guys can really help me on this but leave me some input on what to do. or what i should have done.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Is this related to your clicking sounds?!? post? If so your hd is toast, worry about the other components later.
  3. MetalX

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    Yea, I'd say get a new hard drive and see if it works again.
  4. Exonimus

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    hmm, I'm not sure if you re-installed windows. Because to me, this sounds like you need to reinstall windows because you've inserted a new motherboard. I have no idea what the original problem was and why it happened, but it is possible windows keeps restarting because you inserted that new motherboard. You could try connecting your HD to another pc to see if it works properly. If it does, you might even want to back up your data and do a complete format. Good luck! :)
  5. Tedster

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    if you replaced the motherboard you will definately need to reinstall windows.
    If your hard disk was clicking - consider it toast.
    If you replaced BOTH the hard disk and the motherboard there's a good chance your old PSU took out quite a bit of stuff when it died.
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