my computer just show a black screen as if it is off

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Dec 8, 2005
  1. I got 2 PCs both are exactly the same in spect and make, just over a year old. one of them was making a westling noise i opened it and took the fan of the processor off to check the model and get a new fan because it was the cause of the noise. i took the processor out with the fan and then placed the processor and the fan back on the mother board (ofcourse made sure that the pins of the processor properly sets in and doesnt bend). when i started the computer i get a black screen i dont get nothing on the screen no message no grey window nothing just as if the monitor is off. but yet the hard drive spins and everything, i cant get to the bios it does not show anything, i thought it is the graphic card. i opened the other pc which as i said is identical and placed the graphic card of that pc and still the same problem i then tested the graphic card of the first machine in the second one it is perfictly working so i know it is not the graphic card. i then though it may be the processor and i carefully took out the processor of the second pc and placed it in the first one still the same problem. i then put back the processor in the second machine and realised that it is not working too. now both of my machines are not working they both show a black screen as if it is off and show nothing, but the hard drive is spinning. can someone help me plz.
  2. osram

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    well meanwhile i should deserve the black-screen-baztard or at least bluescreen-hero 3d game crashing title.

    just by curiosity.. what happens if you try to boot your computer without a keyboard? XD this helped for me last night.. my keyboard is apparently broken and that made me see only a black screen although everything is running fine..

    will have to tell a mate to organize/buy a keyboard for me.. as i work till 10 o clock today :F

    if it doesnt help.. try disconnecting all the possible hardware devices which are not essentially needed for getting into the bios screen.

    already tried to reset your bios by taking out the mobo-battery for about 30 seconds? (with no power plugged into the computer, naturally.)

    please try to write in paragraphs as it is very unappetizing to read 10 lines of plain text.

    looking forward to hear from you and seeing what we could do.

  3. shirzay

    shirzay TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks for the reply.
    1. i did disconnect the keyboard still did not work.
    2. i disconnected all the hardware still nothing comes up it is just a black screen as if it is off.

    3. i did took the battery off with no power connected to the pc still nothing happened.

    it just still show a black window as if the computer is off. it seams that even the bios is not cicking in, but yet the hard drive is spinning and the lights for the drives are comming up (cd drive, floppy drive).
  4. osram

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    try disconnecting all devices but the main harddrive..

    dont forget to not only disconnect the ide devices from the power.. also plug out the ide cable of the unneeded devices.. if not, the computer wont boot up properly because it thinks that there is some IDE device connected, but its not powered. (specially for cd-rom.. if it is the first boot device.)

    are you sure the jumper of the ide stuff is set correctly? (main hdd)

    have you tried another cpu/mobo etc. already? sometimes it is really hard to find the missing link.. means.. the broken/misconfigured part.

    sorry my suggestions are pretty strange atm i think.. i had to run all the way to work becos i was late and had only a beer for meal.. so im a little bit dizzy right now. o.O
    healthful nutrition for real. (when keeping it real goes wrong.)
  5. Otmakus

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    I got the exact same problem with one of the PC in the company I work at. Same rattling noise from the fan (it's from the case fan though) and then I decided to clean the entire machine from all the dust gathered in it, and after I put it all back together, the power was on, but nothing at all on the screen.

    I carefully took out the heatsink and processor, gave it a new layer of heat paste and then placed it again with extra caution, and then presto, it worked like new again.

    My guess is that there is something wrong with the way u installed the processor, maybe u should ask a more experienced friend to install it for u.
  6. shirzay

    shirzay TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the guidiance but:
    cuould you please tell me step by step how to

    "gave it a new layer of heat paste , and then presto" ??????

    do you think the processor got lose from where it is attached to the vent?

    please let me know.
  7. vhunter

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    Are there alternate video ports to plug the monitor into on the back? If there are, try plugging the monitor into them. I got this problem when I used my current computer for the first time, and it turned out that I had plugged the cables into the wrong ports.
  8. balzi

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    Is there any feedback in other ways, like coded beeps or maybe a 7segment display on the mobo. I had this problem a few years back when my heatink was mounted just slightly off-level. also have seen dud mobos.

    Dud mobos in particular are hard to diagnose if you're installing two identical systems.
    I had two systems and after finding a weird HD fault, I thought both machines were dead, but it turned out I was wrong, and was just getting the machines and the components mixed up..
    did a warranty on the dead motherboard and everything was sweet.

    anyway, that extra feedback info (especially beep codes) would help us help you.
  9. shirzay

    shirzay TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no there is no coded beeps nothing at all. nothing comes up on the screen eather. i cant go to bios or safemode nothing at all. just a black screen can be seen as if the machine is off.
  10. cocheese

    cocheese TS Rookie

    I had the same problem with two MOBO's recently, and it turned out that both were fried/funct more or less.

    Good Luck
  11. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47

  12. bazou

    bazou TS Rookie

    I dont have all the problem you describe, but I to have a black screen on startup, the black screen ask me to boot from the proper drive, or insert proper boot media. the only way I found to bypass this is to boot through BIOS, once BIOS open I go to EXIT/enter/enter, and everything goes smouth after. Have to do this every time I boot, a restart does'nt creat any problem. I ordered a new floppy drive, I probably wath cause the problem, I got a broken pin into the floppy.
  13. kirock

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    Bazou, just point for future reference: no sense in digging up an old thread like this and piggy backing your problem onto it. Next time just make a new thread my friend.

    Ok now to your problem. It sounds like you've left a floppy in the drive or in the CD Rom drive. When you got into the BIOS you must have turned off the search for floppy disk in the BOOT option menu. This is a good idea, just leave CD-ROM and Floppy OFF in the BIOS Boot-up options. These are not needed for daily use, but you can easily turned them back on if/when you need to in the future. This way your PC will boot much faster. Of course you need to have it boot from the HDD as option 1.

  14. bazou

    bazou TS Rookie

    Hi kirock, Yes the floppy have been turn off in the BIOS setting, and the HDD is as option one. I still have a black screen. The computer see as I forgotten a floppy in the drive, because connection to the floppy is damage. waiting for a new floppy
  15. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    It seems a little strange to still have a boot option screen each time if your turned off the floppy boot option in the BIOS. Try removing the floppy device altogether from the Device Manager. Just r-click on the floppy icon and select "uninstall". I assume you've disconnected the floppy data cable for now, if not then power down and do that.

    Now it should boot normally (provided boot options in BIOs are set for HDD #1 and floppy is turned off).

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