My computer will not start up properly, it gets to splash, freezes, and restarts

By Wonton12
Feb 26, 2010
  1. Hi, im using Windows XP and recently my power went out and shut the computer down. this would be no big deal except for the fact that my computer seems to be "broken."

    When starting up, it goes to a black screen that has a few options that i can choose from such as: Safe Mode, SM with networking, and again with CMD. Also it has the option for Start Windows Normally, and Last known good configuration.

    No matter what option i choose, about half-way through setup (wheather it would be the splash, or the long lines of executions or setups for safe mode) it would freeze, restart, and come back to the original option screen as previously described.

    I tried to put in the OS disc and do the recovery mode, but that did absolutley nothing (or so it seems). I am not sure if it was a virus or malware as i dont remember my security software acting up.

    If possible, i'd appreciate a solution where i can keep my files and such, but if it isnt, then a solution to fix it would be fine.
  2. Wonton12

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    Ok, so i was browsing the forums looking for someone that had a similar problem, and i did! The person who responded said to go to windows recovery console (via the OS disc) and when at the cmd like screen, type: CHKDSK C: R/ and it worked. So if anyone else has a similar problem, thats how you fix it.
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