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My computer wont turn on :(

By vulcan1909 ยท 8 replies
Jan 6, 2007
  1. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Well i originally posted this in the Asus motherboards support forums but frankly i havent gotten all that much help there i was hoping you guys could give me some more help getting my computer to work and im hoping i dont have to rma some parts but i will if necissary. I troubleshooted myself while waiting for awnsers on the forum so the last post is most up to date (so i suppose you could start there if you wanted although may miss some background information.

    Asus forum posts-

    1 ) Ok so i was building my new computer here are the specs
    conroe e6600
    Asus P5b Deluxe
    2 x 1gb corsair xms2 ddr 8000
    evga gts 8800
    gamexstream 700 watt power supply

    I had it all put together and when i plugged in the power to the motherboard the light went on. But when i pressed teh power on the case the fans would spin for a second (including the cpu fan) but then would stop. I decided to trouble shoot by taking out components until it was just processor, mb, ram, and case. I even undid many of the screws. I booted it up and voila everything seemed to be working (i dont remember if the cpu fan was spinning). Next i added more screws tested again and worked as far as i could tell (i dont remember if the cpu fan was spinning). Finnaly i added teh vga card and i tried connecting a monitor. I booted it up and get no video. When i am inspecting it running i notice the cpu fan is not spinning. I immidiately turn it off. I dont know why its not spinning and frankly am worried. Ive reconnected the cpufan power connector countless times no difference. Why would my motherboard power up everything but my cpu fan? All the other fans were running even my graphics card fan. How long can my processor be on without fan before frieing? and how could i check. I didnt remember any bad smells or anything. Any ideas about what i can do to get my comptuer working, and why would the fan stop spinning...

    2) OK new update. I changed the heatsinks fan connecter from the cpu fan connector to the fan 1 connector. Although there is only 3 pins where the cpu fan one has 4 it spun. So obviously that connector on my motherboard shorted or something. Im guessint this wont permanently work? If it won't is my only option doa'ing? Currently im gonna try to get it to boot now that the fan spins again. Help me asap please!!!

    3)Another update. As of now i have connected the graphics card into the mix. Everythings running but i plugged in my monitor and am not seeing any video. My heatsink for the processor is still plugged into one of the motherboard fan slots (not the cpu one which is shorted i believe). Also i have been having trouble with screws. Until now i have only screwed in some of the holes because the others get too tight and the computer will not turn on. Some info into ways to help this would be welcome. But mos tof all i just want my computer running! So i want to know why i wouldnt be seeing video and if tis ok for my processors heatsink/fan to run out of the slot its running out of.

    4) thank you for that advice, i will be picking up some of those tommorow its a bit late here lol :). Anyone else have ideas i can check tonight to get the video working. The whole computer is running fans and everything i just get no display on the monitor it says "no signal". ALso i want to know if i can keep my processor heatsink fan connected to a regular fan power thing (for lack of better word) because it still wont work when i plug it into the cpu fan thing.

    ** i got new screws with the new case but no fiber washers :(** thats why ill buy some tommorow hopefullllly

    5)Ok i still havent had any luck getting the computer to run but i think one of the keys to the problem may be that my cpu fan wont spin when its connected to the motherboard cpu fan connector. THese are the two reasons I think there may be a problem.

    1. Maybe the processor got fried/broken making the fan not spin when connected to cpu power connector. Would my motherboard and all other components still be able to turn on though? But everything seemed to be working when i connected the cpu heatsink into a regular fan connector. But maybe when the heatsinkfan was connected to a regular fan it didnt matter whether the processor was dead or not because it detected it as a regular case fan. (just a guess)

    2. I shorted the cpu connector. I think this is a very high possiblity because i remember one time when turning it on (fan on cpu worked connected to cpu slot ) something happened i heard some not good noise from that area. I was having trouble with screws so maybe one of them somehow shorted it? maybe i didnt connect it all the way? who knows. I have been able to get the cpu fan to spin by connecting it to a regular fan connector (which only has 3 pins not , so maybe thats why my computer isnt showing video? It doesnt detect a heatsink fan so it wont turn on? Just a guess.

    3. Maybe some other problem as to why my computer isnt sending any video signal.

    Again when i turn on my computer everything seems to be working. Everything turns on from the graphics card to the psu to the system fans. The lights on the motherboard turn blue when power is connected to it and red/rainbow when i press the button. Again no video signal though when i connect a graphics card. Right now i almost feel out of options, i have tried almost everything to come up with the diganoses i have. Anyone have any more ideas? I am thinking about rmaing the motherboard and processor because they are where i think teh problem is coming from. But would a computer power up everything in the system if no processor was detected or working? Or could there be another reason why no video signal is sent. ( i do-nt hear any beeping from speaker when turning it on, but i dont even know if hte speaker works because ive taken out parts and not heard it either).

    Sorry the post is kind of long but any help would be appreciated.
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,382

    Well... I read MOST of that ;)

    First question, are you CERTAIN that your motherboard is not shorting out on your case? The motherboard CAN NOT touch the case at all. If it does, your system will not boot. When you screw in the motherboard to the case, there are special "stand off" pins that you are supposed to be using.

    This sounds like a high possibility as to what is causing your problems, as you mention screws not being screwed in a few times.
  3. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    You've got a serious problem with that CPU heatsink fan. If the fan has 4 wires the CPU fan connector has to have 4 pins too. Are you sure you have the proper motherboard mated with the proper processor, and that the CPU is supported by the motherboard? The CPU fan must be connected to the CPU fan plug on the motherboard, for the system to boot. No fiber washers are needed. ATX and even micro-ATX boards have 6 mounting holes. Brass standoffs should be placed under each mounting hole, and the proper screws used to firmly hold the motherboard in place. These screws need to be snug, but not tight. Start tightening the screws alternating fom side to side. The CPU is probably ok as long as it's heatsink was properly mounted with thermal paste applied
  4. jakegerome

    jakegerome TS Rookie

    I have seen this problem many times with people building new systems. I would first start by taking the whole system apart and reassembling it. Like everyone has said, make sure there are brass spacers behind the board where the screw holes are. Make sure all power connectors are in place and seated correctly (including the power on the video card if it takes one). If you still can't get any video then i would suggest you RMA the board, it's most likely something on it got shorted out.

    Chances are the CPU is ok as long as it wasn't on for a prolonged amount of time without the fan running.
  5. vulcan1909

    vulcan1909 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you

    thanks for the help. As far as the spacers i originally didnt have them in so i think thats why at the start it wouldnt boot. But at teh start i had the cpu fan/heastink connected into the right port and it worked a litttle. While working and troubleshooting it i remember hearing something and i think something shorted on teh motherboard. Afterwards i did go back and put in the spacers and everything would turn on but the cpu fan/heatsink. So i tried to plug it into another fan connector and the cpu fan/heatsink worked so im guessing i shorted out something on my motherboard. I am currently rmaing hte board.
  6. venger417

    venger417 TS Rookie


    i am having same problem only i built my computer back in june 2006 and it has worked perfect until now. sometime while i was sleeping the computer went off. I hit the power button and nothing... so i turned the powersupply off in the back and turned it back on. after resetting thepower supply the computer turns onfor about half a second (leds come on, fanspins) then it goes back off. the power light on mother board is ON. i figured the power supply went out so i put in a brand new power supply that i happened to have in my closet. itis still doingthe same thing,i havecheck and doublechecked that all connections are are good. the MB is not touching the case and i have tried plugging oneof my system fans into the MB CPU fan connecter. that doesnt help either.i would assume that if it was a problem with anything but the MB itself that the computer would at least power on and beep or let me into the bios.
    other harware that i have connected: x1800 video, 2 sata2 drives in raid 0, 2x 1gig ocz memory, MB is asus p5ld2 with a pentium D 3.4GHZ 6 months old. there have been 3 or 4 times duringthe past 6 months that my computer has gone off and i had to reset the power supply b4 i could boot it back up..
  7. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    Are you using a battery backup or quality surge protector to power or protect your system?


    My computer wont start
    when i try and turn on my power button it wont start, the button was jammed so i took off the cover of my case and fixed the jammed button but it still wont start,i did everything by switching the reset with the power wire and waited 15 sec thing and turned it back on,, i even tried it on other comps., it is not my motherboard because my computer is new, so is it my powersupply, just want to make sure because i dont want to buy the wrong part, and i also tried disconnecting everything from my case and it still wont on,, my monitor, turns on so thats a sign that my motherboard is not messed up.. and my speakers turn on too and everything else.. something inside the case, is making it turn off so plz help me fix my problem is it powersupply or the motherboard

    thanx,, chris ( FIXMYCOMP1)
  9. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    You have to start somewhere... Try another power supply. Your power switch was jammed? Did this "no power" thing happen a lot, before this last time?
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