My CS1.6 Freeze and fps drops!

By estapeluo ยท 7 replies
Feb 29, 2008
  1. I have ATI radeon 9250 with the last driver. When i run CS i get full FPS and no freeze. After 5min of gaming (online or LAN) it start to spike and freeze. Looks like my PC is doing something... I look to my task manager while i was gaming online i see that my cstrike.exe has 0-1 usage, and SYSTEM had 40 and Idle system Process 50-80.. anyone knows why my computer lags on this very old game? only occrus with CS...
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  3. estapeluo

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    I already did that and still same. But today i discover the source of my freeze and lag, I turned off my Soundcard and it boost my speedgame and FPS... also my SYSTEM process CPU usage drop. I guess its a problem with CounterStrike and my Sound card...

    I am using SoundMax for it.
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    I'm no good with any computer stuff lol, but maybe you can try reformatting if you don't have any important stuff on your comp.
  5. estapeluo

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    i alreadyd did that 3 times in a week... Now i play CS with 100fps and no lag/freeze. But i need to shutdow windows audio device from services.msc ... :S still im trying to figure it out why Windows lags in CS when audio es on. I apreciated suggest !
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    dang, thats alot of reformats, idk the problem ur having, im having a similar one too :(
  7. estapeluo

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    when audio running... i run CS and after 5minutes its starts to freeze up and lags... i showed up the taskbar and my SYSTEM proccess use 40-60 CPU usage... means that windows is doing something ... and it use all the processor onit :S thats my problem.
  8. neoj3v0

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    :s, read my thread and see if you can help me out.
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