My custom built computer won't connect to monitor!

By NoobiestNoob
Aug 24, 2015
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  1. Sorry guys this is my first post on this website and might've put this I. The wrong topic but I really can't figure out why my computer won't connect to my monitor. (I'm a noob with computers) I've tried everything I could think of I connected an vga to HDMI (my monitor isn't up to par) a vga a Dvi, Dvi to vga and vice versa and I know that at least the dvi works because I tried it on my other 3 computers... :( I don't have my pic specs because I never checked when it worked before... I also tried to remove my 2 sticks of ram at the same time but not individual (I'll try that) and all LEDs work (I'm pretty sure) and all fans work plz help I can't find anything on any forms so I'm counting on you guys please help!


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  2. NoobiestNoob

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    Oh and I've tried switching my monitor to vga and dvi didn't work it still says "no signal"
  3. Tmagic650

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    No RAM, the computer might give continuous beeps. You might try removing the RAM and briefly turn on the computer. If you hear nothing, the motherboard might have gone bad

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