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Mar 11, 2007
  1. Hey I have always had a problem with my DSL. I have Sbc yahoo dsl. My problem is that it's always on blinking red. Unless I'm using the phone. Everytime I call SBC (or the new ATT) they always say it seems its working great. But my house is old. So is that the problem? Or just how things are connected. Can someone please help me on this problem? I really want to have my internet always to be working.
  2. gavilan

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    How old is your house?

    Older wiring can sometimes affect the reliability of DSL service. Do you have DSL filters connected to EVERY device (telephone, answering machine, dialup modem, etc) connected to the phone line EXCEPT the DSL modem?
  3. Po`Girl

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    A blinking light means the DSL is not syncing.

    This is usually caused by a bad modem/router,or a "dirty" phone line.

    If you hear static on the phone,call the people who own the phone line and

    report a fault.

    Use a single cable to the wall socket,with one filter and without extensions.

    The fact that your in an old house shouldn`t necessarily matter.

    If the line was deemed to be DSL capable,it should work.
  4. tipstir

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    Speedstream 4100/4200 series?
    removed image since the users has 5100 series..
    Which one do you have?
    Call up the DSL Tier 1 Helpdesk and ask them for Tier 3 Service Tech, which would be someone in SC or NC. That person can really test your DSL line from that location and tell you if your signal is good or not or if the DSL modem is not working right. When I had SBC Yahoo DSL, I never both with those who are first level in India they are reading from a manual.

    Old houses have NID (The Network Interface Device) box you would find that outside your house.

    If you got the new module box:

    But to me sounds like you wiring is old, you might want to think about cable, but you might have that DSL agreement. So you have to work with the Tier 3 Service Tech. There is also a line men who can come out to check the line with a special meter. If he detects a problem with the line he'll call for the bucket truck to see if there is a problem out in the street poll. This will only happen if there is a problem.

    Make sure you have in house wiring coverage otherwise you'll have to pay..
  5. prluver

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    I have speedstream 5100

    And my house is like 75 years old.
  6. Tmagic650

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    Go with cable... and look into Vonage or another VoIP service for your phone
  7. gavilan

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    If the house is 75 yrs old, there is a chance the wiring could be at fault. And if you connect the DSL modem through a filter, it will not work.

    Best thing to do is have sbc test your line and modem and possibly inspect your wiring.
  8. tipstir

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    Or have them just create a new line just for DSL, they can do that by using the Module box above and there is place for one filter. Otherwise Cable Broadband is another option.
  9. Samstoned

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    go buy some 20 ft of phone line
    connect to breakout box connect to your in house box plug in modem
    phone line is like cheap
    if still got issues its there line from pole
  10. tipstir

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    Doesn't need phone line cable can use CAT 5 and twist the ends either and tap into the line or make one of those phone line jack boxes. That's what I did when I DSL. Also Belkin makes Ultra Phone Line CAT 5e cable that plugs into the DSL Modem then to a phone jack box. This is the same box that the CAT 5 cable would be screwed into. This way you can by-past all the filters you use in your dwelling. The gain by doing it this way is 50-100Mbps more in download speeds. Anyone wants to know the steps on how to do this let me know. Doesn't cost much, but you'll need 50 to 100FT of CAT 5 cable. Depends where the phone line comes into the house. I did everything in the basement.
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