My dvd burner has slowed was burning at 6x now burning at .05%

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I have a Compaq Presario SR5710Y with AMD Athalon x2 4450e dual core processors, 3gb memory and 350gb hard drive. My CD-DVD burner is (this is what it says in device manager)
ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L-C SCSI cd rom device.
I have been burning my dvds with convert x to dvd with no problems up until this . Every time I go to burn a DVD it will convert but when it burns it is taking so long (I usually burn at 6x) I did a speed test and it said it was burning at .05%. It would probably take 5 hours to burn a normal movie,Anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance


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If you are converting to a format readable by a dvd player they burner will burn very slowly depending on the source file. Now does you cpu max out when burning?
I have had no problems burning up until now...I have burned many dvds. Cd's are still burning fine but DVD's are going so slow .It usually takes about an hour to hour and a half to convert and burn a 700mb avi file (it takes about 50 minutes to convert file and about 10 minutes to burn) now it still takes about 50 min s to convert but it is taking literally hours to burn


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You might check in the Device Manager to make sure the optical drive controller hasn't reverted to the slower PIO transfer mode instead of the faster DMA mode. Look under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.
I downloaded and ran the cleaner.
I am still having the same problem with burning dvd's
Any other suggestions? I checked all my drivers to make sure they were updated
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