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My external hard drive is not detected by Windows anymore

By sh4d6016
Jun 28, 2011
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  1. Hi there,

    I have a Western Digital external hard drive that is not detected by Windows anymore. When I plug it in, the hard drive does not show up on "My Computer" but it does show up on Disk Management :


    I have read on the internet that this issue is usually caused by a corrupted sector or the MBR that's corrupted.

    I tried TestDiskt but unfortunately when it asks me to choose the hard drive i want to select, my external hard drive doesnt show up on the list.


    The only hdd that i see on TestDisk is my internal hard drive.

    Every software that i tried to recover data with can't detect my external hard drive, that is why I now ask for your help.

    Is there anyway I can recover the data or, even better, get my hard drive to work again.

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