My friend is unable to view web pages, but is able to go online (AIM,MSN, etc)

Jun 7, 2005
  1. my friend cant view any web pages but he can go on AIM, Yahoo messanger, MSN etc...

    hes on a wireless connection. he tried resetting the router but that didnt work.

    he runs on XP. it worked for about a year and just a week ago, it just stopped working. about 2 days ago it worked and it stopped working again.

    he repairs the connection, and then it works for about 10 seconds. after that, it just stops working again.

    does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. bbbaty

    bbbaty TS Rookie

    RE: Can't view webpages . . .


    That's what's happening to me and my laptop. I discovered that Limewire was working but not ANY Web Browsers. I get a 'connection refused' error message when trying to surf any page on the web. Like your friend, my laptop worked fine for about a year and then this suddenly last week! It started happening on a fast wireless connection. I then connected to a dial-up at home and experienced the same symptoms - so it wasn't the wireless connection!

    If you find out what's the matter, will you please e-mail me at:

    All the best,

    Billy Baty

    P.S. I am using a Mac in the meantime at home dial-up.
  3. bbbaty

    bbbaty TS Rookie

    I Fixed the Problem


    I finally found the problem with my system. It was Norton Internet security. I disabled it and all was swell again.

    See my original thread, Connected but no surfing in this same forum for other's comments and advice.

    All the best,

    Billy Baty
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