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My internal & external burner are giving me error message G&F:\is not accessible

By Happy74
May 12, 2010
  1. This is my first post. I read through the post labeled :.....D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function. and did everything people suggested there but I am still having the same problem except mine is a little different. I don't know if it is a hardware or software or driver or what the problem is.....

    My external and internal burner have error
    G (burner in the computer) & F (external burner) :\ is not accessible. Incorrect function. My other internal player works though. It plays music but I can't view pictures.
    I have an external burner hooked up thru a USB port and I have a cd/dvd burner on my computer. Both drives are giving my the same error message...I don't know what to do.

    I have tried different usb ports...plugged the external burner into 4 different ones.
    I tried buying a different usb cord for the burner...nope
    I have tried different cds and dvds..different brands and types.
    I have tried: support.....microsoft.com...fixit website which helped a lot. I couldn't even play music until I used that website. Now I can at least play music I just can't burn anything. (btw. that website is awesome for a lot of things).
    I have tried unistalling Roxio because someone said that might be my problem. (Nope)
    I have tried updating my drivers.
    I have tried going to device manager and seeing if there is any exclamation points but they say everything is working properly......lol!!

    I don't know what else to do or what the problem could be because it is happening on both and internal and external burner. I thought I might have to replace my internal burner but now I don't think that is the problem at all.

    BTW I have a Sony Vaio PCV-2222 with a Toshiba DVD-Rom SD R5002 and a Samsung CD-Rom SC-140C. And I have been to all three of their websites looking for driver updates or firmware or something to help and have downloaded everything they had and nothing has fixed my problem. I am running XP Pro.

    I am completely out of ideas......
    Please help me. I really don't have the money to spend and get my computer fixed and I don't think that would fix it because it is having trouble with the external one too.
    Any help would be sooooo appreciated!!
    Thank you in advance!!
  2. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,430   +185

    See [post=815753]CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters[/post] to see if it might help
  3. Happy74

    Happy74 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you!!!

    OMG Thank you so so much!! That worked.....I had been at this for days.....

    You are awesome and so is this site. I am really glad I found it. I bet I will be on it a lot.

    Best wishes,

  4. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,430   +185

    Woo hoo! Glad to hear and thanks for sharing that good news! :grinthumb
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