My keys are not working properly

I have a Toshiba satellite P845t and it's my first laptop ever and I've had it for 7 months . I have no idea what to do,but here is my problem. After a few months of owning my laptop top a tiny drop of my daughters bubbles dropped onto my keyboard. I didn't think anything of it because the 1 drop was so small. Next thing you know my keyboard had stopped functionally properly. I don't know how to clean the keyboard, nothing. so I left the laptop alone for the rest of the night and it worked the next day, except some keys that barely or don't work at all. Now some of my keys are acting crazy. Everytime I press "o" or "u" it types "uo", when I press "J' or "." it types "J.", and when I press "7" or "9" it types "79". As far as they keys that don't work they are important, but I have touch screen with the touch screen keyboard I'm using now. I just want to use my keyboard again. The keys that don't work are "F1"-F12", my right and up arrow keys, my caps lock (when I use caps lock all the keys get crazy and the touch screen as well), my escape button has its good days and bad, the delete button, and that's all I can remember and know about at this point. What is wrong?, how do I fix it?, or should I just use my warranty and get a new one?. I have a year warranty and they claim it covers EVERYTHING for the year.