My Laptop (ASUS M3N) not able to switch ON... HELP!!!

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Feb 3, 2006
  1. Hi,
    Pls help... recently my Laptop ASUS M3N spoilt. I not able to ON it after it shut down during batery empty. I try start it with adapter also fail. I able to saw the power LED is ON and the CPU fan is ON but just about few second (~5 second) and the screen haven't shown anything, then it shut down it self(without any "Bit" sound or Error indication). I take to repair, technician say it is mainboard problem.

    I just wish to ask that, is my laptop still possible to repair? If i want to buy back a 2nd hand ASUS M3N, what is the price? Where is the best way for me to find 2nd hand Laptop?

    Pls help... thanks.... :'(
  2. davids

    davids TS Rookie Posts: 96

    Possibly you will need to get a new mobo for it then. I must admit I dont know much about laptop repairs, but I think may ebay would be a good place to look.
  3. kerim92

    kerim92 TS Rookie

    itz same problem i has..prhnbbprbhpbpbrphbrbhprhbpbrphbprbhp

    i am computer technician.
    i ll repair and post it here too!!! heheh

    just if some 1 knows that problem how 2 resolvess??? plz post it before i repair it....share it with world!!!

    itz english problem u saw here right?

    but u ll understand if i post how 2 resolve problem.
    have good repair and success days!

    open laptop case (if u r not a professional dont open case coz itz very difficult!!!!!)

    u know where s power port? right? itz a small board connecting on m3n mainboard.

    resolder that connection port.. make sure u know soldering!!!
    warning itz too difficulty if u don't know soldering (pin betweens near than 1 milileter)

    resolder male and female ports (all pins)
    coz u dont know wich 1 is cold sold...

    problem has been solved by soldering. laptop works...
    good workss!!!!
  4. kerim92

    kerim92 TS Rookie

    Another M3N with same problem

    another 5sec off problem:

    Another M3N with same problem has been fixed easyly!!!!

    Just Change Bios Battery

    Thats all


    contact me if u have question
    (Sur Computer Technical Service Manager, Engineer Kerim Senturk messenger)
  5. I_Jim

    I_Jim TS Rookie

    Well, it's been some time since this thread started. Anyway, i just recieved one of this laptops(M3000N) with the exact same problem. Soldering or changing the bios batery?

    Anyone knows any other way or issue regarding this model?

    thanks everyone!
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