Overclocking My laptop fan stops working

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I have Fujitsu Amilo laptop. The fan stops working after switching it ON. So the laptop shuts down due to over heating. When I switch my laptop ON, the fan is fine and it works but after few minutes it stops working.

Would anyone help me please???


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Be certain it is over heating. Some of the Fujitsu units have a fan that turns off and on as needed.
It is a new enough unit that the fan should not be the problem. Fans are relatively cheap for that unit... about $14... but the problem could be a bad cable somewhere, or other damage.

Go to Start->System ->Hardware ->Device Manager, to see if there are any red or yellow flags by any of the devices... Those indicators can sometimes tell you what is wrong or what component is out of order.

Sometimes all that is required is a can of Dust Off or other computer cleaner to blow out all the dust, dirt, and lint. The fan will quit if the blades are out of balance due to too much dirt on the fan blade.

Have you tried talking to Fujitsu Tech Support?


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u can also try and update the bios of your laptops mobo, and try turning off fan control from the bios


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We work on a fair number of Fujitsu's and I see nothing in their logs about a BIOS issue, but of course, we do not know your model.

You can try these two sites for more assistance from Fujitsu. You will need the model number and other details from the bottom of your notebook:


For telephone assistance, please contact their technical support staff at 1-800-8FUJITSU.

If there is a known issue with the fan, they will help.

The fan does shut down or slow down when not needed on many models... Do you get any indication that it is running too hot or operating intermittently? Does it report that it is shutting down due to heat? What is the error message.
On some models , it is just quietly but running. The error message is the clue

Otherwise, Fujitsu will fix it quickly and have it back to you within a week if still in warranty, and any good repair shop can get a replacement fan installed quickly and relatively cheaply... usually under $50 including shop time and replacement. But for some, the part number takes two to three weeks to arrive.
We have never seen one go bad... but of course, any laptop fan is fragile and subject to sudden failure.
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