My laptop opens up things when the lid is closed

Hello, often when i close the lid on my laptop it opens up programs and files that are visible on the screen when i close it. I have set my laptop to "do nothing" when i close the lid because i dont want it to go into sleep or anything. I dont know if this is a virus or not. i have used Avast antivirus to scan my computer several times and came up empty. I dont expect you to know exactly what is causing this but maybe someone here have had the same experience and might be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you


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This could be caused by the closing of the top putting pressure on the keyboard. Set the laptop to shutdown when the top is closed


Mine does it too, programs I never use sometimes, thinking a back door. .


First make sure you have selected
  • sleep
  • hibernate
in the Control Panel -> Poser Options -> System Settings

A laptop has two power plans { Battery vs Plugged in }
so set the same choice for both plans.

If HIBERNATE is chosen and actually takes effect, it is impossible to run anything until you take it out of hibernation.