My laptop turns on.... but goes to error screen, how do I fix this?

By tiramisu
Jun 24, 2009
  1. I am pretty dumb when it comes to computers, so I really hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I don't even know how to search what's wrong with my computer because quite frankly, I have no idea what IS wrong.

    Basically, what happens is, when I turn on my computer it goes to a screen that says:

    We apologize for the inconvenience.... and then a bunch of words and then options:

    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    Safe Mode with Command Prompt

    Last known Good Configuration....
    Start Windows Normally

    I do everything it says, but it goes back to that same screen no matter what I do. What should I do regarding this problem? I hope that this makes some sense...

    Thank you for the help.
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Tiramisu... :wave: Welcome to Techspot
    Lotsa good people here who donate their time and expertise to help.
    I am sure we can help you with the diagnosis and repair of your issues.
    And we try to be Noob friendly too. ;)

    1) What make and model are your computer? (Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Acer? There would also be some numbers someplace indicating which laptop ... what the number looks like will vary from maker to maker. We do not need your serial number, just the model.)

    2) What was the last thing you did before you started having problems?

    3) When you got to that screen, what did you do?

    Did you select "start normally"?
    If you did, and the problem that caused your computer to crash initially has not been resolved, it will crash again, bringing you to that screen again.

    You could try selecting "Last Known Good..." This might allow you to then start normally.
    We want to find out what caused the crash though.
    If this works, repost, and let us know, so we can take you to the next step.

    If it does not work, then we will have you try booting to safe mode, and looking for some files.
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