My laptop won't connect to the internet via wifi

By janwhite304
Jun 22, 2016
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  1. I have an HP touchscreen running windows 10 and for some reason my laptop will only connect with the Ethernet cord and won't connect with my wireless modem. My phone and tablet will connect and the button for wifi on my key board is on. it finds the network and then connects but says there is no internet available??? What do I do I have to get my home school portfolio completed and can't get anything done cause I can't be siting right on top the modem to use the Ethernet cord. oh and I have satellite internet through frontier with a hughes net modem and frontier wireless router
  2. janwhite304

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    I am not very tech savy to say the least. Usually I can figure it out but I'm lost
  3. Cycloid Torus

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    If the exact wording is "there is no internet available???", then you may be up the creek.

    I believe you are in fact trying to connect to the wireless ROUTER which is connected to the modem which is connected to the internet. Approach it in an orderly manner:
    - can you reach the internet using a cable connection between laptop and router on an internal LAN port? if not ROUTER may have a problem
    - can you confirm that you are using the correct password for the wireless connection? re-enter it
    - have you performed an orderly power cycle to the equipment? (in sequence, turn off laptop, router, modem...wait 60 seconds...turn on modem and wait until 'green'.. then turn on router and wait until 'green'... then turn on laptop and confirm you can see the radio connection to the ROUTER.. try to connect to that

    MAKE NOTES and share results.

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