My main monitor died!

By gobbybobby
Sep 22, 2011
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  1. I have a Hannspree M17W1 monitor, is bout 2yr old and a few hours ago while I was using it it just went black. I turned it off and then back on and got an image for about 2-3 seconds before it went black again. I rebooted, but again only see an Image for about 3 seconds.

    I am now using a different monitor and everything is working I tried switching from DVI to VGA on my main monitor but still the same thing happened it only stays on for 3 seconds.

    I have just in the last few weeks got to UNI so am on a very tight budget, I can use this shitty small monitor for a while, but studying Computer Games tech I kinda need a decent monitor, it it worth taking it to a PC repair shop, sending it back to the manufacturer for repair, attempting a self repair , (over 2 years so does not qualify for 2 yr Euro zone legal Warrenty)

    Or is it not worth it/ just buy new. Doing a quick google I have found some tutorials on what to look for, but in the past I have always managed to mess self repairs up! Might be bad tutorial, might just be me being an ideot.

  2. gobbybobby

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    if I was to buy a new monitor, I like the look of this one

    I want a HDMI input as I have a PS3, and the Hannspree did not support the PS3s HD input forcing me to use it in SD. The reviews on Ebuyer and a few other sites are very good and the monitors price is not too bad. Unless anyone can make another suggestion Im gonna order this on monday.

    At the end of it, even if I do get the other monitor fixed, I can just use it to duel monitor with, even if there is a slight size difference, or just flog it if, bet I could get £40-50 for it down CEX maybe a bit more on the Ebay.

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