My MSI KT3- Ultra2 R mobo

By yukka
Sep 12, 2004
  1. well i wrote a thread ages ago suggesting i might upgrade to a barton and was told that my motherboard didnt take these processors anyway.

    i checked the web site and this information seemed to be correct, lucky escape on my part at the time.

    now i go and buy 512mb of 2100 ddr and a 2400 thoroubred processor and while im waiting for it i to arrive, i stumble on the msi site suggesting that the board does in fact now take the barton.

    im sure i had an earlier version which may have been the reason but i cant find anything about it now.

    anyone got any ideas? the 2400 is costing me half the price of the barton anyway but this is leaving me with a spare 1700 palamino.
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