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HI guys, my family computer is terrible for games and now that i have a job I'm thinking about building my own. I know relatively little on the subject but here is what i was able to put together, i was wondering if someone who knows more about this could tell me if it's all compatible and a good gaming system? thanks.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Processor ADA5200CSBOX - 2.60GHz, 2MB Cache, 1000MHz (2000 MT/s) FSB, Windsor, Dual-Core, Retail, Socket AM2, Processor with Fan
ECS A780GM-A Motherboard
OCZ Platinum Revision-2 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Dual Channel Memory (2 x 1024MB)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Hard Drive
Diamond Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256MB PCIe
I-Inc iW171ABB 17" Wide LCD Monitor
Raidmax Sagitta Case – Black+580 POWER SUPPLY
Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse (Dark Blue)


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was your old comp a really old emachine LOL jk.

First off, tell us how much you are willing to pay, you seem pretty cheep at the moment...
but right off, i don't see anything bad with the amount your spending...
im a little busy, i might revise this post later :)


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Yes thats what i would recomend, the 9600 GT,
and yes what zenosincks said looks fine except if you like the look of the case that you chose. But the case that you picked comes with a power supply and personally, i wouldn't trust it lol.

Also i don't know how bad or good your current keyboard is (you did however, perfectly type the post) but still spending almost 1/6 of the price of your system is sort of high.... I would actually think about spending that much on input but thats just me.

What games do you plan on playing?
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yeah my current one is an old emachine it's fun:dead:

anyway yeah so i like zenosincks suggestions, especially the graphics card, ti appears to be substantially better than the one i had selected. I like the monitor too, seems like you can't go wrong with a larger screen for just a few bucks more. The case looks good on the outside but some of the reviews point to it being a little difficult for a beginner (i.e. me) and i can definitely see the merits of a good power supply but isn't the ELT less powerful than the one that comes stock?
I would love to loot my emachine for keyboard, monitor and speakers but unfortunately my family intends to keep it as a work computer so that's not really an option. That said I'm taking an information technology class in high school soon and i should be able to either loot or buy an old keyboard until i could upgrade to that one.

as far as games go i like FPS and RTS stuff although i mostly keep the first person games on my xbox. I like MMOs too although I've stopped playing them recently due to my inability to move on my current computer.

Oh and i have no real "price cap" i would prefer it to be as low as possible because I'm working minimum wage to get this thing but I'm certainly not opposed to adding in some places and if necessary cutting in others and just upgrading later.

thanks for the fast responses guys i appreciate all the help.


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ok well with no "price cap" maybe you could tell us how much you have on you right now?

FPS and RTS are pretty much the main types lol anyway it doesnt matter too much. I was just thinking if you wanted to play crysis, your out of luck for that kind of money.

Well, the 9600GT is a great card for the price, however i still think the 8800GT is a better card for the price at $200.

Probably a better procesor, i know the phenoms are haveing major combo deals, at, the most ive seen is $100 dollar combos.

Wait, wtf am i seeing this right? that motherboard has an onboard video chipset!
I don't know how much more thats going to cost you but onboard is never any use for games, however, the rest of the motherboard is great.

maybe, i don't know how much this would help but i would use DDR2 1066 ram.

you can buy the keyboard if you want, were helping you with the actual computer lol.

but isn't the ELT less powerful than the one that comes stock?
well i guess soo... but you don't need that much power, not with the current build. I bet you could probably SLI two 9600's with that.
Besides, i think case power suplies are pretty worthless. Just like that onboard video chipset.

EDIT: Oh right, if your not looking on, i suggest that you do.
oh and consider your OS too. i assume is windows Xp if your buying it, factor it into the price too.

Try looking at this:
$150 dollar combo??!
I would say the most usefull are the Phenom 9600 and EVGA 8800GT -$60
and the Phenom 9600 and 250GB hdd -$60 dollar ones

I feel bad for you and being screwed over with that Emachine :(
I used to have to use a $200 emachine :(. The only thing i could play was starcraft :( but i like starcraft.

Oh i just looked at the keyboard. It actually looks pretty good.
I thought it was just a normal keyboard with glowy lights and that they were trying to rip you off lol.


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rabidmuffin said:
but isn't the ELT less powerful than the one that comes stock?
hellokitty[hk said:
]well i guess soo...
I can't find that case/PSU combo on Newegg, however, I feel it's safe to say no it's not more "powerful". The ELT likely has more amps on the 12v rail and I'd be willing to bet it's a hell of a lot more stable. Worth the cash, trust me.


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um heh whats ELT?

and yeah this is why i don't trust case power supplies

wait i looked at the power supplies at newegg under 400-500 the first thing ( i have sort by lowest price) was a $12 dollar power supply; with 26 pretty good reviews!! ?!?!!!!

NVM no pci connectors.

ok i relooked. it seems that $70 dollars for a Power supply like that is... to much?
not even that high effiecency. Well, you don't really need to worry about effecency, just 80+.
Im the only person who seems to really worry about effiecncy lol.
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thanks for the link hellokitty, i looked into it yesterday but didn't have time to respond, but yesterday i saw the processor and a nice looking chassis that seemed like a good deal, and wouldn't have cost much more than i would pay for the one i had selected. But i looked again today and it was gone? Or am i just missing it?
All the stuff i have is from TigerDirect, i certainly don't mind changing who i order from if it's any cheaper, new egg does seem to have a great site as well.
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some of the stuff on tiger seems to cost less though. I'll probably end up making an order of the cheapest stuff from the two as long as shipping doesn't cost too much more.


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Ok fine, tiger isn't bad.

Doesn't newegg charge shipping for each item individualy?

Also have you decided exactly what you are going to buy?
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I have a good idea of what I'm going to get but i don't want to write anything in stone before i take a look at a computer shop that i was just told is down the street from me.
I don't know how I've missed it all these years lol.


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I'd be surprised if their prices beat an online outlets. Never know though I guess.

Watch out for their sales tactics :D!
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yeah i don't know how great their selection will be and I'm sure they will be eager to make a sale but i heard from a semi-reliable source that he actually does have some pretty good deals on parts, we'll see i guess.
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