My Pc Is Randomly Shutting Down

By Yvez
Sep 16, 2005
  1. HI, i had this PC since a month and everything was ok but this week

    when i was working on it it restarted alone,i said maybe i cliked something wrong and continued working normaly but yesterday when i was reading a PDF file my computer Just
    for no reason it suddenly restarted again

    then i closed that pdf and opened macromedia i worked for 2 minutes then the computer just cliked off.i pushed the power button and turn it on again but nothing happened, i Unplugged the power supply from the surge protector and plugged it again it started up and beffore windows load it turned off again

    then i unplugged the power cord from the power supply and plugged it back again,i cliked the I/O button it started and before anything appears on the screen where it looks like DOS and tells you hit del to enter setup it turned off again, so i did the same unplugging plugging thing and the PC started normaly.

    the change that i made to the pc this 2 days is that i just installed Corel Draw Graphics suite 12, and macromedia fireworks MX and yesterday Flash MX

    this is what i have:
    Intel Original 915GAV motherboard
    intel original CPU 3.0GHZ LGA775 800 MHz L2 cach 1M
    512 DDR400 Kingstone
    HDD baracuda seagate 80GB
    floppy drive
    Connexant TV tunner
    Power supply 400 watt
    3 extra fans for cooling
    Windows XP PRO SP2 Media center Edition

    So please if anyone can solve the problem( is it a hardware problem or software problem ) please reply as soon as possible,thx
  2. Yvez

    Yvez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so no one now whats happening to me??? please helpppppppppppppppppp
    i need to know
  3. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    Sounds to me like your power supply is faulty. When your PC is at the point of press "Del" to enter setup, nothing you could have installed would affect this behavior as the hard drives are just then being detected. Often times a PSU will "crowbar" on overload to protect your computer, and the only way to reset the "crowbar" is to remove the power source, as you've had to do. Replacing the power supply should fix your problem.
  4. Yvez

    Yvez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you
    yes maybe the power supply is faulty cos i sent the pc once to the computer company from where i bought it because the temperature was very high about 48 degree C, so they cut some wires that is coming from the power supply and added to them 3 fans than they connected back the wires to each other so the wirs look like a 'T' form . i think that's the problem why is the power supply is faulty. THEY ARE ***** PEOPLE IN THAT COMPANYTHEY SHOULD GO HOME. i will fix the problem myself
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