My PC RGB isn't plugging and playing with plasma

By D@nny
Sep 6, 2009
  1. In the past after a reboot I would successfully have my TV work as my monitor, but only with on-mobob video processor with the RGB cable going to the computer or TV. My dilemma is even after adjusting my display settings to automatically check for new display settings (warning this will slow up start up time) I still cannot get my 8800 gts to display into a RGB port. I have my DVI to RGB adapter connected to the card and the RGB cable refuses to display with either my monitor or plasma TV. Luckily my monitor has a DVI port but my 50 inch plasma doesn't. I'm going to assume the adapter here isn't broken and i've missed some configuration settings on vista or the 8800, maybe my gts 8800 isn't configured to plug and play nice with RGB ports? How do I fix this issue?
  2. D@nny

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    bump for help!!
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    Try booting into Safe Mode to see if your big screen will show a display. If so, change the resolution to a lower one. Maybe 1280 x 720 or lower.
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