my PC shuts down in the middle of running system recovery disc

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Jul 28, 2007
  1. Help!! I went to turn my PC on the other day and ran into the annoying problem. My PC goes through its normal start up cicle then all I get is a black screen and my cursor arrow. I left the PC on for several minutes (20+) and it rebooted itself. same cenario accured.
    After countless tries to reboot I gave up and popped in the system recovery CDs for Windows XP Home Edition.
    I proceeded with full system recovery, but once the process bar reaches 9% the system reboots itself, and I'm right back to where I started.

    I tried replacing the hard drive, but nothing changes. The PC reboots during the recovery phase.
    Can some One HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!
  2. Liquidlen

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    Unless that secound HDD has the same operating system as the first in the same machine Reocovery will not work. You should first try to enter the Bios setup screen and confirm drive recognition and other settings.It sounds like you have a hardware problem. If your bios recognizes the 2nd HDD try a clean install.
  3. bebs

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    I re-installed the first HDD, but now when I try to get into the bios what i get is "NTLDR is Missing" Press ctrl+alt+del to restart.
    Not sure what that means. when i go to to full system recovery the system recovery screen comes on and begins system recovery, but just like before, when it gets to 9% the system reboots. ???
  4. raybay

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    You need to run a full format of the drive. If Windows cannot perform a full format with NTFS file system, the drive is likely bad, and unusable.
    What you describe is typical of a bad hard drive, but you will not know until you go so far as to remove and restore the partition, then reformat the drive using the Windows Disc.
    Be sure your BIOS is set correctly for the boot device order you want, the start over.
  5. Liquidlen

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    The "missing ntldr" error message is too far along in the boot process. You must press DEL or whatever immediatey to enter the bios screens. It is here you can see if your hardware is recognized. This is the first step in order to fix your problems.
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