My PC's screen will disconnect when I open a web browser.

I recently downloaded Red Dead Redemption 2 that needed my to change my PC's resolution to run.

After this when I tried opening a browser any website such as Spotify would make my monitor go black and say HDMI lost connection.
I have tried different browsers and that hasn't fixed my issue. Please help.


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Why do you think changing the resolution may be at fault here? I think you are probably on to something there, but a few more details would have helped.

A game shouldn't need you to change the resolution on your system at any point outside of the game, when you aren't gaming anymore the game should allow Windows to return to the resolution it was at before. I would ensure you system is set to the resolution it was before RDR2, reboot for good measure, and then try to replicate your issue. Post back with what happens please.