My PSP won't connect

By feelgood67
Feb 23, 2009
  1. Hi

    I have seen alot of posts saying about how peoples PSPs won't connect but the wired thing about what's happend to me is that my PSP used to work fine! When I connect the error message comes up as what happens on all the other posts. This happens when I go to connect it, when it's optianing the IP addres. It usally says "optaining IP address timed out" or "unable to find access point" or something like that. Anyway I'm certain that I havn't changed my router settings or even anything to it like unplug the thing and I havn't changed my PSP network settings. All I know is that one day it's working fine and the next day it isn't.

    Could someone please help.
  2. This sometimes happens to my brothers PSP, simply un-plugging the power from your wireless modem and plugging it back in should fix it.
    If not, do you have any other wireless devices to test it with? To see if the problem isn't just with your PSP.
  3. bj00uk

    bj00uk TS Enthusiast Posts: 79

    Hi, yeah this happenes to me too, just uplug the router and plug it back in, sometimes my computers can not connect to the router aswell and i just unplug it and plug it back in
  4. Yeah, when it happens to my brother I notice that the laptop still works fine. I can't be bothered looking into the technical side of it and why it happens, so I just pull the router.
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