My Psycho Panasonic player

By bielius
May 3, 2009
  1. well, the title says all :)
    my panasonic cd stereo system sa-pm21
    "Top Loading CD Player, cassette deck, AM / FM tuner
    MP3 Playback with ID3 Tag
    CD-R/RW Playback
    Full Range Bass Reflex Speakers
    Remote controller"
    When i turn it off(the press of the button) for example, i am going out of my room(about 5-8 secs after i turn it off) it turns on, but not like a player, it goes like this:
    Turns on
    Some line goes thru screen and it looks like it is "checking" that all the text is ok, all the text(id3 tag,mp3,tune,vocal,hello,good bye and all this stuff goes on infinitive loop and reshows and reshows. sorry if you missunderstood i will try to make some pics then ;)

    Thanks for reading
  2. bielius

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    Bump, 3 days waiting :(
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