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Jul 28, 2009
  1. I am currently using Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. However, I have IE installed. Every so often, 10,15 mins or so, I get a random pop-up, even after completely blocking the sites and adding them to the blocked sites within my IE (what browser the pop-ups are running with) settings. I don't see why I should get IE pop-ups when IE is entirely blocked? I cannot uninstall it, seen as MSN uses it to run applications.

    All help will be highly appreciated.

  2. Tedster

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    you are infected, and this question belongs in the secuity forum
  3. Rollo1873

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    I don't see how i could of possibly been infected with a brand new PC. It started on the first day i turned it on, which was about a month ago.
  4. wereld101

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    i suggest to try some anti virus, anti maleware and anti spyware programs such as: avg (anti virus), malewarebyte's anti-maleware (anti maleware) and superantispyware (anti spyware)
  5. Rollo1873

    Rollo1873 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've ran AVG, Malwarebites and Anti-spyware, Malware found a registry edit, which i think was the problem, restarted my pc as a registry edit was made, and i thought this would fix it, but it returned.
  6. wereld101

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  7. Bobbye

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    A description of the pop-ups would be of great help.

    Make sure Firefox is set as the default browser and that Internet Explorer isn't checked:

    Open Firefox: Tools> Options> Advanced> System Defaults> CHECK 'always check to see if Firefox is the default'> Check now> Close.

    Control Panel> Internet options> Programs tab> UNCHECK 'Internet Explorer should check to see if it's the default'> Apply> OK.

    Firefox has a pop-up stopper. If you have the Google toolbar on IE, make sure the pop-up stopped is on.

    If those settings are already in place and the pop-ups you're getting are of the offensive type, please go to the Virus and Malware forum and do these steps.

    As for having a new computer versus malware: the second you sign on to the internet, your system is vulnerable. If you do not have good security set up, you can get malware.
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