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Jul 29, 2008
  1. I've jut got a video grabber to put all my old VHS tapes on to DVD. I'm trying to sort out the audio lead from my VCR to the PC and I'm not sure how to describe the connectors. At the VCR end they should be red/white male connectors and at the PC to go into the microphone socket or that's where I think it goes. If I guess I know I'll get it wrong and Maplins is miles away
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    You're looking for something like this. It's called a "Stereo Y-Cable".

    The two red and white RCA connect to the back of the VCR and the 3.5mm(Or 1/8") plug goes into either the "Audio In"(Blue 3.5mm jack) or the "Microphone"(Pink 3.5mm jack).
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    Thanks to all involved.. the job's a blinder!
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