Need a download manager that will get all of a certain file type off a website

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Jun 24, 2009
  1. Ok so what i need is a download manger or something that will say get all the .pdf files from a website, even if it has to follow link down several layers.

    What i need it for is people will ask use to print plans or projects from websites, but they have each part stored in different 'folders', and on one particular one you have to click on each file name, then it takes you to a new page what it says, click here to download. Saving 50 files individually is not something we want to do.

    I have used flashget in the past, but it wont go and get all the files, just the ones that are directly linked from the web address i give it.

    Anyone have an idea where to get a piece of software, preferably free :p, that does that.
  2. B00kWyrm

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    What you are talking about is called spidering, and
    some websites have become savvy to software that tries to do what you wish to do, building in blocks agains spiders or "bots".

    I cannot vouch for any spider software currently available; the one package I once used, years ago, I think was for Win98.

    Use Google and you will find some possibilities though.
    Some have shareware options, which others will allow a try before you buy download.
  3. gguerra

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    There are apps that will download entire (or partial) web sites. just google it. They may not work on all sites as bookwyrm states above but may work on yours
  4. srvijayam

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    What are you talking people? your topic is like hacking. You have to follow the ways of a website if not it call hack. Read rules and regulation of techspot
  5. gguerra

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  6. ChrisDown

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    I have no idea how something like this could at all be construed as 'hacking'.
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