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Dec 12, 2008
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  1. My grandfather has an old Zyneth television. Because of the satellite changes coming in February my mother decided to get him DirecTv. The DirecTV box plugs in an S antenna outlet on the television, but so does his DVD player.

    Does anyone know where (or if) I could find an adapter of some sort that would plug into the S antenna and split it into multiple outlets? Hopefully I'm making sense here.

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  2. mopar man

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    Ok, when you say "S antanne", are you meaning the coaxial cable, the one that has a small prong in the middle and it may or may not twist on? If so, then see if his DVD player has a output for Composit, which is the Red/Yellow/White cable, and buy an adapter that has a composite in and antanne in, and has an antanne out.

    Did I just make sense, or confuse you MORE?

    Actually, I confused myself...
  3. SNGX1275

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    You need to clairify what you are talking about a little more. Perhaps try and describe it. Antenna's usually use coax, dvd players probably don't.

    Most DVD Players can use composite (yellow (video), red and white (audio)). S-Video (typically yellow or not colored) which has 4 or 6 little pins in it - typically this only carries video so you still need the red and white cables for audio. The 3rd option is component (red, green, blue) these also only carry video so you still need red and white for audio.
  4. Bubba11793

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    I tried using the composit cords, but they did not work.

    So you're saying that I can buy an adapter that will allow me to plug in the composite cords and coaxial cord into it the adapter, then plug it into the coaxial output on the television causing both the DirecTV and DVD player to work at the same time?

    Aye, this is confusing.

    Ok, since you gave me the real name of the cord, I found coaxial splitters. Would that work?
  5. SNGX1275

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    It should have worked, you are probably doing something wrong. You don't just hook up another connection to the TV, turn the TV on and it works. You have to tell the TV to use that input. There is probably a Video button on the remote to change it from something like antenna to Video 1.

    If you use coax for a dvd player you are going to sacrifice quality, if you use a splitter you are going to kill even more quality. Get out the manual for the tv and read, or find it online, or more accurately describe the TV, the inputs on the back, and what outputs you have on the DirectTV box and the DVD player.

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