Need assistance with Networking problem re: router

By Lori
Oct 17, 2005
  1. Please bear with me as I have very limited computer experience as far as networking goes. I have a Dell desk top and have recently been given a Dell Inspiron 2600 notebook. As per the guidance of others including the sales dept as circuit city, I purchased a Linksys router, My problem is that when I hook the router up and the internet is being used by someone else on the laptop, my access is limited on the PC..I can surf to different sites but once there I cannot download to another page...quick example..going to a travel website and downloading a search for hotels..cannot go any further than the home page of that site. I was told by another party that it will always be the case unless I have a modem convertor??? to plug into a different telephone jack to use with the router at that same site since the notebook already has a built in modem.
    I am now more confused than ever and if anyone understands what I am trying to explain, because I surely don't, I would appreciate any help. I am just trying to be able to have the notebook being used the same time as the PC..both on the internet.
    thanks for any help offered.

  2. Samstoned

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    dsl setup
    your router should tell you your WAN IP under status
    address and WAN DNS
    did you setup your network cards for static IP ?
    for best speeds,this should be done
    your router ip address is
    set router as gateway not as router
    should look for a setting MTU set it to 1492
    set router ip address to static
    linksys website has all the details and walk throughs
    do search here also find plenty as this subject comes up all the time.
    no matter as you tweak your system for internet speed
    just as internet gets busy and slow
    when you have both machines sharing traffic ,both will slow dwn.
    I had verizon DSL and never used there software
    used the linksys system to enter user and password
    if on dialup and use serial port setup it will never be a useable speed when sharing
  3. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    here's link to linksys quick setup
    linksys verizon
    I used static for my setup ,but maybe as a start use pppoe
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