need code to open the drive where the originating exe or autorun.inf is ran..???

By Deviouz
Jul 29, 2007
  1. im making a batch file that im turning into a .exe with "Quick Batch File Complier"
    this .exe along with a Autorun.inf will be auto copied to the root of every drive my PC has access to, by means of another lil app i made that constantly runs in the background searching for new drives to copy these 2 files to.
    the Autorun.INF code is this

    Action=View Files On Device

    The Batch-Autorun.exe code is this

    START -DRIVE that this .EXE is ran from- code that i need help with..!!!
    START %MYFILES%\virus-scan.exe

    so when the drive is double clicked on that these 2 files are in the root of, the root of the drive will be opened in a new explorer window and then my portable Virus-Scanner executes.

    but I need some code for either the batch-exe file or the Autorun.inf file to open the drive where this originating exe is ran from.
    i know it works when i assign a drive letter to the batch code like START F:\
    but i want it to open the drive that this EXE is ran from no matter what the drive letter is that the device its on is assigned.
    IS this possible at all or not..????
    Thanx for anyones help...
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