Need comments over Asus k42j

By jaz123
Sep 24, 2010
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  1. I bought an Asus K42J just this month. It is 14inch laptop with 500gb hdd, 2gb memory, core I3-350M 2.26ghtz, with dvd sup.mti, and didicated graphics 512mb vram. This is my first laptop. My initial preference is 13.3 inch but those i found on the stores are of lower processor specs (i want laptop with didicated graphics) so i shifted to 14inch and found this Asus K42J. I bought this at about 38thousand pesos (USD800) with free multifunction printer. My concerns: 1. is 14inch large to look at? (i like a cute-looking laptop, so im worrying if my laptop looks huge on its size). 2. Is Asus k42j a good choice in terms of the specs? 3. Is this laptop better than toshiba? HP? Acer? Dell? in terms of performance and look? I occasionaly like Toshiba because of its looks but its more expensive than my budget. 4. What is the life span for this laptop? 5. Did I make a good choice? I need encouragement for the laptop that I just bought. Im not a tech wizard. For all your help, thanks, really appreciate it.
  2. jobeard

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    use it and love it - - why invite someone to rain on your parade?

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