Need Cooling Advise For Overclocked AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton

By snowman
Nov 4, 2005
  1. well i started overclocking my cpu. i only bumped it up a little to a 2600+. wow, i know. temp is alright, but i want to go farther probably to 2800+ or 3200+ at the highest. i know this chip can take it. my problem is i've been out of the loop on pc gear for a while. and i want to know what some of you recommend for a cooler. i dont want to break the bank either. i have a ZALMAN CNPS3100+ on there now with two case fans and it just isnt cutting it. it seems to run a little warm at about 55C.

    thanks for your help.
  2. SheHateMe

    SheHateMe TS Rookie Posts: 27

    Yeah that is pretty warm, well you can upgrade to the zalman CNPS7000B-Cu LED (or none LED doesn't matter) heatsink/fan which work real well. Can buy it for a little over 50 or a little under 50 depending on where you buy it. I am running a 3000+ Venice overclocked 800 mhz, and at idle it sits at 27, running games around 36-38.
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