Need Help Booting Up Your Window On Your Pc

Jul 20, 2005
  1. If Your Having Problems Booting Up Your Computer This Is All You Got To Do:

    If Your Pc Says:

    Boot Record Can't Be Found
    Press Ctrl+atl+delete To Restart

    Then Don't Listen To It Because It's Not Going To Work.

    Do You Need Help:

    This Is Some Of The Ways You Could Fix Your Pc

    1.put In A Start Up Disk.
    2.put In A Windows Cd Of Whatever Type You Got.(example)windows Xp.
    3.orfi That Don't Work Then One Of Your Wires In The Computer
    Must Of Snap.

    So If You Need Any Help Fixing Your Pc Of Any Problems Then Just Ask Me Ok By Posting.and Please Post Me To Tell Me If You Like The Thread That I Had Just Made Ok.
  2. DYCE

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    Hey I'm Back If You Got Any Question Just Ask.
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