Need help broadcasting webcam feeds from gateway pc in USA to mac in Czech Republic!

By toyatymz
Dec 12, 2004
  1. hi,

    my best friend is living in the Czech Republic and owns a Mac pc and gets a dsl connection through her school dorm, Im in Philadelphia, pa USA on dial up. We are trying to broadcast our webcams to each other while we chat. we've tried yahoo and aol they both produce error when trying to broadcast. maybe she is behind a firewall? or is it because the of the different computers? is the some kind of webcam server or other chat where we could broadcast and chat? i also thought of sending her video files that i have recorded but the software i have records them as avi files, they are huge, too big to email, and takes way too long to transfer through most chat file tranfer functions. is there some way of converting these files smaller or compressing them so that they can be emailed sucessfully, and open on a mac?

    thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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