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Need help deleting ravmon.exe of my ipod and c drive

By eukanaria ยท 5 replies
Jan 10, 2008
  1. I'm new in this forum but i really need help with this. i recently got a virus called ravmon.exe so i check it net till i found a post in this site. sadly i'm extremely bad at computers so i didn't get the step to step why of deleting it...:dead: well the ravmon.exe appeared in both my ipod folder and my c drive. i believe this since it was described that when i right click on the hard drive the open and the explore wouldn't be in English and i cant excess the folders if i double click it.
    when i used avg 7.5 free edition (i think) it gave me C:RavMon.exe and E:\RavMon.exe. can someone please help or teach me how to delete it and check on me every few days since i will definitely have questions to ask and parts i don't get. thank you for helping me
  2. hulent

    hulent TS Rookie Posts: 46

    We had the RavMone.exe Virus at work. It is very simple to take care of. Did AVG get rid of the virus or do you know? Just answer the questions and I'll try to help you through it. I'll try to make them simple.

    Virus' upset me very much:mad:
  3. eukanaria

    eukanaria TS Rookie Topic Starter


    well the avg said it healed the virus and i can see that it was sent to the virus vault but i still have that problem with not being able to open the harddrive and the open and explorer when i right click are still unreadable.
  4. hulent

    hulent TS Rookie Posts: 46

    OK, what we are going to do is take a look at your registry. Before we do, I must explain something. The registry can be compared to the major organs of a living person. If you perform surgery, and cut the wrong thing, it can be fatal, in a heartbeat. Although, all we are going to do now is look, not touch. In this section we will open the registry editor, perform a backup, and do a search within the registry. First...

    Open the Registry Editor
    1. Click "Start" in the bottom left
    2. Move your cursor over to "Run" and click that
    3. A box will open up, just type in "regedit" or "regedt32" and hit enter
    This will open the Windows Registry editor. Lets get moving to the next step...

    Exporting a Backup of your Registry
    1. In the registry, Click "File" at the top-left
    2. Click "Export" from the drop-down menu
    3. A new box will open up, click the Desktop button on the left
    4. In the "File name" box at the bottom middle, type in "RegBackup"
    5. At the bottom-left where it says "Export Range", click the radio button that says "All"
    6. Ensuring that the above steps are still correct, click "Save"
    7. Depending on your computer, it shouldn't take maybe a minute or two
    Now that you have a backup of the registry, we can begin to work. This is the last step of this post.

    Perform a Search within the Registry
    1. Open the Registry Editor (if it is closed and you forget how, scroll up)
    2. Click "Edit" from the menu bar
    3. Scroll down to "Find" and click it
    4. That will open up the search box
    5. Make sure the "Keys", "Values", and "Data" check boxes are checked
    6. Make sure that "Match Whole String Only" box is UNchecked
    7. Type "RavMone" in the search box
    8. Click "Find Next"

    I am almost willing to bet that will yield some search results. Let me know what it says. It will help me a whole lot and end this madness a lot sooner if I had a screenshot of your search results from the registry. That way, I will be able to tell you which keys to delete.:grinthumb
  5. eukanaria

    eukanaria TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks big time for this guide. for some reason after a few days my ravmon.exe was gone after i did a virus scan with avg..... im still not sure if its gone or not but i since he scan said there isnt one and in search i couldnt find it i think its gone?
  6. hulent

    hulent TS Rookie Posts: 46

    If you are able to access drives through Windows explorer then you should be OK. Click on "My Computer" and rich click on the "C:" drive. What is in that drop-down list?
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